My 25 years of traveling the back roads of the world have led to countless adventures, experiences and stories from the array of characters I've met along the way. As a documentary photographer, I take pictures of people, landscapes, nature abstracts, architecture and wildlife. I enjoy exploring remote places where my mind can run fast and free with the constant visual stimulation I experience from dawn to dusk. I'm always seeking something new and different. But it's the colorful individuals I encounter and photograph of whom I have the fondest memories.

   My goal has always been to make an image that captures a person's individual spirit. In order to achieve this, I have learned over the years that it helps to spend some time getting to know my subjects. The cooperation and rapport that's established between photographer and subject are critical.
   I love connecting with people from other cultures, and the camera is a tool that allows me to get closer to those I want to learn more about. By taking it slowly and immersing yourself in the landscape, you'll be able to experience these people's surroundings. The strength in photographing people is in your ability to work in intimate situations. A friendly smile and eye contact are the initial keys. Engaging in conversation and listening to people's stories before shooting photos is advantageous.
  Whether I'm driving on back roads or walking to streets of small towns, I'm always looking for faces that have particular character traits-- faces that will translate to film in a way that gives the viewer an emotional response. Then I approach my subject and begin conversation. By seeing the camera around my neck, they know immediately that I'm a photographer. I explain my goals and quickly begin planning my portrait.
In his travels, Daryl Hawk is always looking for faces with interesting character traits-- such as the expressive face of this miner-- which translate into film in a way that will give the viewer an emotional response.

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