An old New Hampshire barn holding its own against a snowstorm at dusk. Uniformed schoolgirls strolling home via a Caribbean dirt road. Ominous, black clouds racing over an abandoned church. These are the kinds of images road photography presents. To capture life along the backroads of the world is my burning desire, and the most exhilarating experience a professional photographer can have.

    Having traveled extensively all of my life, I look at every new trip as an untold story, with each day being a new chapter. Our ever-changing world fascinates and mystifies me. My style is to photograph it in a natural and spontaneous way. The older I get, the faster life seems to be racing by. Thus, I have come to realize the importance of staying rejuvenated--spiritually, mentally, and physically. I have found I can use my camera as a tool to slow down the rushing world.

    Our entire life is measured by time, and, unfortunately, most of us have become slaves to it. Instead, we should take hold of ourselves and set aside time to think, to reflect, to enjoy, and to savor the moment. This is exactly what road photography allows me to do; to see the patterns in an old lace curtain, the laugh lines in someone's face, or the twisted beauty of an old cypress tree as it reaches towards the sky.

    Getting Started

    While planning a trip is exciting and filled with anticipation, it's getting to the destination, or the journey itself, that really stimulates me. The goal is to plan an adventure somewhere--anywhere! It can be down a gravel road in our own neighborhood, or the Straits of Magellan. Whenever I travel, my mind-set becomes that of a "Ramblin' Man." The excitement of search and discovery never ceases to challenge me. I thrive on the unexpected, and nonstop adventure is what keeps my adrenaline flowing. Although I rarely see a back road that I am not drawn to, I usually let my instincts direct me down the best path.

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