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The Unconventional Traveler Guests

•"Man on the Moon" with Dr. Buzz Aldrin. Celebrating it's 100th show of "The Unconventional Traveler" and the 40th anniversary of the epic journey of Apollo 11 features a one hour interview on the life of Dr. Aldrin along with rarely seen video footage of the actual moon landing and walking with Neil Armstrong in 1969.

•Dr. Jane Goodall is the world’s leading authority on chimpanzees. At the age of 23, determined to learn about African wildlife, she left her native England for East Africa where she hunted for fossils with Louis and Mary Leakey. Three years later, she began to study chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania.

•Renowned field biologist and science director of the wildlife Conservation Society Dr. George Schaller, who has spent four decades in the most remote areas of South America, Africa, and Asia studying animals as diverse as the mountain gorilla, jaguar, giant panda, tiger, and the wild sheep and goats of the Himalayas.

•Professional photographer and climber Joseph Blackburn takes us to the east of Kangshing face of Mt. Everest, the least accessible and most dramatic face of the world’s highest mountain. In a second show, Joseph recounts accompanying Robert Anderson as he attempted to become the first person to reach the summit of the highest peak on each of the world’s seven continents.

•Explorer’s Club member and world traveler Fritz Selby shares his breathtaking photographs and countless experiences from three unique expeditions to Dolpo, Bhutan, and the Dolomites.

•Martha and Hugh Scott, globetrotting adventurers, share their experiences and images from their breathtaking journey along China’s silk route.

•Underwater photographer Al Grotell has over twenty years’ of experience in marine photography. He has traveled throughout the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Indonesia, New Guinea, the South Pacific and the Red Sea. Al will show us a selection of underwater photographs from around the world.

•Ernst Aiebi, an Explorers Club member and adventurer, tells us of a time he lived in the Sahara Desert where he revitalized a desolate town and brought it back to life which eventually became a fascinating book. Ernest, in a second show, takes us to the beautiful and isolated world of Siberia.

•Climber and alpinist Mark Synott is renowned among the climbing community for his successful completion of more than 50 big walls across the globe, including major first ascents in Baffin Island, Canada; the Karakoram Range, Southern Asia, and Cerro Torre, Patgaonia, Chile.

•Nevada Wier is an internationally known travel photographer and Explorers Club member specializing in the remote corners of the globe, particularly Asia. She will discuss her frequent travels to the Pamir Mountains of China.

•George Butler created one of the finest documentary films about the renowned explorer Ernest Shakelton. When Shakelton’s ship the Endurance became trapped in an icepack, the crew was stranded on the floes. Their ordeal lasted for twenty months until they were rescued. Shakleton lost none of his crew.

•One of the world’s leading travel photographers and National Geographic Magazine contributor Mike Yamashita will be showing photographs he has taken for his best selling book on Vietnam.

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