What the Unconventional Traveler Can Do for You

  • Have your own thirty minute television video tell a story of your organization, expedition or trip in an exciting and educational way. Connecticut viewers are among the most active, educated, affluent, and informed in the world. We have a targeted audience of serious travel enthusiasts!

  • Cable television has proven to be an effective and exciting option for low cost advertising and exposure. For the quality of the audience reached and the cost involved there is no better advertising medium.

  • Run the show in your own area on leased or public access television and get seen by even more viewers! Enormous PR can be generated from this through newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. You own the rights to use your video for any desired purpose.

  • Have a thirty minute video to own and use as a marketing tool. Your segment is customized so you can use it for your own promotions. A production with additional promotion potential means you maximize your ad dollars!

  • Put your video on your website for maximum impact on selling your services.

  • Use your video for staff training or sales meetings. Additional videos can be obtained to send to potential clientele.

  • Videos can be created based upon specific trips which could be either sold to the client that has been on the trip or used as a thank you gift from the tour operator to the same individuals.

  • Our production services could be used by individual clients to recap their own trip using their own photographs for a unique keepsake.

  • You are featured in an extremely professional and positive forum during a "prime time" time slot. We try to avoid putting an obvious commercial stamp on the show, opting for a subtle approach that educates and informs as it persuades. A win-win situation for everyone!

  • The Unconventional Traveler is a sophisticated and innovative approach to promotion and is the most affordable television ad dollars can buy!
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